a packaging expansion project
Gevalia Subscription Box

The Problem: 

Gevalia is well known coffee brand, but would it be successful as a subcription box brand? With consumers being more and more interested in fast and easy shopping (i.e. Amazon), coffee is a  relatively untapped market in terms of subscription services. I wanted to create the packaging for a potential subscription delivery service which would fit within the Gevalia brand. 

The Solution:

I created two solutions for this subscription box problem. My first idea was to take an element from their current packaging and reimagine it. I created vectors of coffee cups and researched swedish patterns as their Swedish identity was something that I wanted to bring to the forefront of this project. My research showed that consumer’s prefered Gevalia to a brand like Starbucks simply because it had an aura of foreign class. This was a distinguishing factor to me in what made this brand a stand-out amongst its competitors. I designed patterns in a flat graphic style which suited their current packaging. The first subsciption box solution focused on creating a sense of fun within the packaging while the second was aimed to pushing that Swedish branding, using the dominate colors of the Swedish flag, blue and yellow, as well as the cross symbol within my pattern. 


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