A collaborative app and advertising campaign for farmworkers
International Consortium of Farmworkers

The Problem: 

Farmworkers provide for us. They quite literally put the food on our tables every day. Yet, during a global pandemic such as Covid-19, they are one of the most vulnerable essential workers in the United States. These farmworkers, many of which are undoccumented, may not qualify for governemtn assistance, let alone have the information or ability to reach out for this help. The question for our design team became: how do we give aid to people who are afraid to identify themselves and don’t qualify for most types of federal aid? 

The Solution:

Our team created the ICFW app ROOSTER to give direct aid to undoccumented farmworkers. We understood that these undoccumented people may be unwilling to disclose their identity to an app for fear of being deported. Furthermore, if they are undoccumented they may not have proper identification to be able to access government assistance. This is why the ROOSTER app focuses on community-based support such as local food drives, non-profit organizations, and helpful information on how to apply for citizenship in order to receive more government benfits. 

We aknowledged that immigrant farmworkers, which make up 80% of all farmworkers in the US, may have varying levels of fluency in english as well as general education. This is why we created an image-based application, website and complimentary advertising campaign. We also included the abilitiy to navigate the app and website in spanish and other languages. Our poster campaign is also featured in both spanish and english and focuses on relaying vital information about receiveing aid to farmworkers who may or may not have a device in which they can download the ROOSTER application onto. 


Graphic Design, Branding, UX/UI, Advertising Campaign, Illustration