an event planning and attending app
Kno App

The Problem: 

As you move throughout your life, your social circle becomes smaller and smaller. Suddenly you find yourself out of the know, missing out on events going on around you. This was something that my sister, a recent college graduate, had a difficult time adjusting to. “I want to go out and do things,” she would tell me, “but I don’t know how to find things to do.” I realised that this was a problem that a lot of post-graduates faced. After spending 2-4 years in a tight knit community where events are posted for everyone to see and attend, the lack of communication in the outside world can hit you hard. Social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, or even snapchat are used to promote events, but how can know which platform an event will be posted to in order to receieve that information? It became clear to me that there was a vast need for a singular platform which directly connected event planners with attendees as well as venues owners interested in hosting. 

The Solution: 

Kno was an app developed that would take the place of other social media platforms when it comes to event planning. Sometimes planning can feel like a hectic or stressful event. The interface of Kno was designed to take that stress away. Its sleek and modern user-interface is easy to navigate. The splash screen takes the user directly into their home profile where they have the option to edit or trash previously posted events as well as access their followers or profiles they’re following. The main navigation located at the bottom of each screen connects users to their calendar where they can set reminders for upcoming events, a search function where they find events in their area or perhaps even areas they’re planning on visiting, a private message board where they can contact event planners and attendees, and lastly a new post creator that allows the user to create his or her own event. 



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