a bold and fun rebranding project
Taco Dirty Packaging

The Problem:

Taco Dirty is a fun environment. From cheap alcohol to delicious food, it’s become a Hyde Park staple for an adventurous night out. So why is it then, that its branding is so boring? While its current branding may reflect the implications of the word “dirty”, with a grungey distorted typeface and black and white color scheme, it fails to capitolize on the fun colorful aspects of Mexican culture.

The Solution:

This redesign focused on the celebration of Mexican culture, particularly the Día de Muertos or Day of the Day festival. The celebration is marked by bright blossoming colors and the graphic icon known as a sugar skull. For this rebrand, I wanted to keep the idea of a slightly distorted font, however I chose to use a more hand-written script typeface to convey that Taco Dirty is a casual and fun environment. I created flat colorful graphics that could be used interchangably with the logo. The use of a bright gradient captures a more contemporay design aesthetic and audience. 


Graphic Design, Branding, Packaging Design