The Problem: 

The integration of an employee retention program package into our existing marketing services involved a multi-faceted approach. The initial challenge was acquiring accurate and relevant information about employees from client companies, with a focus on maintaining confidentiality and privacy. We established a streamlined data collection process to obtain key details such as individual preferences, milestones, and achievements.

Subsequently, curating a diverse range of gifts that catered to varied tastes and preferences became essential. This required meticulous market research to identify universally appealing options and negotiations with suppliers to ensure high-quality, customizable items. Striking a balance between personalization and inclusivity was a challenge to ensure each employee felt valued and recognized.

The Solution:

The trial-and-error process of designing custom boxes and artwork became an iterative journey. Working closely with our print team, I experimented with different themes, layouts, and branding elements to create visually appealing and cohesive packaging. Continuous feedback loops and testing were essential to refine the design based on employee reactions and preferences.

The final pieces created included a thoughtfully designed mail piece to captivate attention, and a custom box featuring sample products reflective of the program’s offerings. Accompanying these samples was a detailed trifold brochure outlining the various facets of the retention initiative. The objective was to provide existing clients with tangible insights into the benefits of the program, fostering engagement and interest.

Recognizing the potential to expand our clientele, I then adapted the campaign for prospecting new clients. The focus shifted to an enticing giveaway as a key element to attract attention. The direct mail piece for prospective clients not only showcased the advantages of the Employee Retention Program but also highlighted a special giveaway to pique interest. This dual-pronged approach aimed to not only reinforce relationships with current clients but also to entice new partners by offering a glimpse into the program’s benefits and the added excitement of a valuable giveaway.



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