The Problem: 

After undertaking a complete rebrand of Dynamic Omni Channels, the company’s website was in serious need of a makeover. Our new branding reflected a playful but respectable corporate tone, something that was severely lacking in this flat, characterless site. As I began digging into the website more problems arose. In order to be SEO friendly, the new site would need to rank highly in terms of page speed and load time. Furthermore, we needed to be sure that the language being used was consistent throughout each page with a persuasive call-to-action. We decided that the design and layout of the website must also be clean and modern as to reflect the quality of our own work. Clients should never have to dig meticulously for information on our site, just as they should never feel frustrated with our products and services. 

The Solution:

Speed quickly became a priority when developing the aesthetics of the website. In the beginning, it felt a lot like we were sacrificing interesting and compelling design for practicality. We weren’t quick to feel dejected, however, and as the project continued, we found ways to be creative without damaging our SEO score. Building the website with Elementor and using sliders meant that pages would be easy to edit and visually appealing. The use of sliders allowed our team to create stunning animated heroes without any extra lag and to tell a story with our homepage. Dynamic, being in our brand name, was a word we wanted to portray with this new website and something that we accomplished with animation and responsive behavior. 


Graphic Design, Branding, Advertising Campaign, Print Design


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