About The Mark: 

Benchmark International’s Road Directors, or traveling salespeople, need quality printed marketing materials they can offer to clients during sits. The Mark, our bi-annual publication offers relevant articles on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity while also advertising our company and its services. These expert articles include: industry information, details about the current market for sellers and buyers, insights into our company culture, and more.


Creating an editorial magazine with a goal of revamping its style to be more clean, modern, and elegant poses a significant challenge, primarily in navigating the delicate balance between maintaining the publication’s established identity and embracing a fresh aesthetic. Striking the right chord between innovation and tradition can be complex, as the existing audience may be resistant to drastic changes. Additionally, the process of revamping the style requires meticulous attention to detail, from choosing typography and color schemes to reimagining layout designs. Coordinating these elements while ensuring they align with the magazine’s editorial vision and resonate with the target audience demands a thoughtful and strategic approach.


To overcome these challenges, a comprehensive and phased strategy was essential. Myself and the lead designer began by conducting thorough market research and audience analysis to understand the preferences and expectations of the existing readership. We brainstormed and experimented with different visual elements, ensuring a seamless fusion of modernity with the magazine’s core identity. Implementing a gradual transition, starting with subtle changes in typography and gradually introducing updated layouts, allowed for a smoother adaptation by the readership. Additionally, incorporating interactive elements, such as the  digital flipbook, enhanced the overall modern aesthetic while providing a unique and engaging reading experience. This holistic and adaptive approach ensured that the revamped magazine successfully evolved while maintaining its authenticity and appeal to a wider, contemporary audience.


Graphic Design, Layout, Editorial Design, Print Design, Advertising

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