Let’s Meet! 

I’m Hayden Skaggs, a BFA graphic designer, self taught illustrator, and appreciator of unexpected pairings. I love experimenting with different eras of design, mixing historic typefaces and image styles with modern layouts. My personal design taste is a blend of structured grid use with creative, organic forms.

I believe in design that’s purposeful, intuitive, and meaninful, not just aesthetically pretty. 

My design process harkens back to the design thinking model taught by the Stanford D school. I begin by brainstorming. In this phase, no idea is too wild to entertain. In fact, I often find that the most unexpected or difficult answers to a solution can be the best. Next I move into ideation, flushing out the good ideas from the bad ones. From there, I gather inspiration which will inform my digital process. I iterate, revise, and iterate again until I find the most viable solution. 

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