The Problem: 

How do we as creatives deal with the phenomenon of burnout? This editorial piece set out to answer this question through the technique of storytelling, using a more personal approach. Most editorials focused on the topic of burnout take on a clinical and impersonal tone which makes it difficult to connect with a younger audience. This editorial would need to capture the attention of a college-aged audience to set itself apart from other pieces relating to a similar topic.

The Solution:

Who says editorial pieces need to be boring and professional? Burnout sets out to be the editorial version of a modern zine with stylistic illustrations and bold design choices. This zine was meant to capture an audience of young college students and recent grads from the age of 18-25 with a fun and expressive color palette of pink and red. The aesthetic choices of this zine pack a punch to the audience. While the tone of this zine is quite playful, it touches on a serious topic: the mental health ramifications of this phenomenon we call artistic burnout. Instead of taking a more clinical approach to this topic, this zine attempts to empathize with the young adults experiencing this issue by having a more casual and contemporary tone.   


Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Illustration


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