The Problem: 

I was challenged to create a capstone installation about my hometown of Springfield, Ohio that would be an immersive experience for any audience. The problem was to create a visual representation of Springfield that could be empathised with and recognizable to everyone no matter where they themselves came from. This project had to be both personal and open enough to allow others to relate to without feeling alienated within my world view. 

The Solution: 

In the end, what was created for this topic was less a visual representation of the town of Springfield itself, and more a visual exploration of all of the places I have been throughout my life. This new scope allowed me to broaden my topic to be more inviting to the audience experiencing the intallation. 20 postcards, unique in design and shape, were created to be indicative of each indivdual place in which they were “from”. Each postcard was meant to look as if it could have been purchased on location around the United States. 

In order to maintain this element of personal storytelling and vulnerability within this intallation, each postcard contained a hand-written message to my hometown of Springfield, Ohio. These messages would often compare the place I was “writing from” to my hometown and to other places in which I’ve visited and lived. The postcards also contained poloroid photos of each place and/or visual objects and sceneries which reminded me of said place. The postcards were arranged in a circular formation, suspended from the ceiling so that individuals could walk around and between them, fully immersing themselves within my story. 


Graphic Design, Print Design, Installation Design, Illustration


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