a self-discovery project
Personal Branding

The Problem:

I needed to create a new branding for myself as a Graphic Designer that effectively communicated by design style and manifesto.

The Solution:

When starting this project, I had to dwell on my personal design aesthetic for a long while. I considered the design that I am inately attracted to: clean European inspired typesetting with a ridgidly structured grid. It was important that my branding reflected this preference as this is a consistency within my designs. I chose a bold (and somewhat obnoxious) blue as my main brand color as it both symbolized my energy and enthusiam as well as harpening back to this idea of web-based design. This specific hue of blue is visable best on the web, signalling my enthusiasm for UX/UI web-based design. My logotype reflects my design manifesto: combining “dated” design, such as a scripty serif, with modern, experimental geometry. 


Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design