The Problem:

Norbergfestival is an experimental music and noise festival held yearly in Sweden at the Norberg mine. The current branding for this festival, however, leaves much to be desired. From its cluttered, impossible to read logotype to its bare-bones website, this festival was in dire need of new branding. The objective here was to simplify the brand with clear and consistent colors, fonts, and images, as well extend the brand’s advertising, merchandising, and social media. 

The Solution:

The logotype selected for the new branding of Norbergfestival is arguable far more successful both in legibility and aesthetic quality. It combines experimental and modern ligatures and shapes with a classic Scandanavian serif. This elegant typeface is a direct juxtiposition of the image style chosen for this brand which is a bright pop of neon orange. The website rebranding for Norbergfestival was something which I was most excited to tackle. It was impossible to navigate without any menu, merely a singular home page filled with external links. For the rebrand, I created a top menu and footer for easy navigation and wayfinding. I created a countdown on the home page to inspire excitement from its audience as well as a formal about page so those interested could really get to know what makes Norbergfestival so unique. The final result for this project was a completed brand book with clear and specific guidelines for the festival to follow in order to foster a more successful brand. 


Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design, Print Design


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