About The Mark: 

Benchmark International’s Road Directors, or traveling salespeople, need quality printed marketing materials they can offer to clients during sits. The Mark, our bi-annual publication offers relevant articles on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity while also advertising our company and its services. These expert articles include: industry information, details about the current market for sellers and buyers, insights into our company culture, and more.

The Problem: 

Embarking on the ambitious venture of “The Mark,” an editorial project that unfolded within the constraints of a tight two-week timeline, presented an exhilarating challenge for our team and myself. This 97-page magazine aimed to encapsulate a diverse range of content, spanning from thought-provoking articles to visually stunning features, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality. The project demanded not only creative ingenuity but also seamless coordination in content gathering and print job execution.

The editorial journey began with the daunting task of content curation. As the curator-in-chief, I found myself wearing multiple hats—editor, photographer, interviewer, and researcher—tasked with assembling a mosaic of compelling narratives and eye-catching visuals. Coordinating with a diverse array of contributors and professionals proved to be both a logistical puzzle and an exercise in effective communication. Time-sensitive interviews, photo shoots, and content submissions needed to align seamlessly to adhere to the unforgiving schedule. This involved a delicate dance of negotiation, flexibility, and efficient decision-making to ensure that the magazine’s vision remained intact while respecting the unique perspectives of each contributor.

The print aspect of “The Mark” was no less demanding. Juggling the intricacies of print production within the confines of our tight timeline required meticulous planning and execution. Selecting the right paper stock, overseeing color accuracy, and managing the final proofs demanded an acute attention to detail. Collaborating with the printing press became a crucial partnership, and our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the printed version would reflect the same level of excellence and sophistication envisioned during the project’s inception.

The Solution: 

Collaboration was pivotal in the success of our editorial project, “The Mark,” as we navigated the challenges of compiling and arranging content for a 97-page magazine within a two-week timeframe. To streamline our efforts, we initiated the creation of a comprehensive book map through collaborative brainstorming sessions. This map, crafted with input from every team member, outlined the thematic flow and content allocation, providing a unified vision for our ambitious undertaking. To enhance efficiency further, we implemented a project management spreadsheet featuring specific deadlines for each content creation aspect. This dynamic tool served as a centralized platform for tracking progress, fostering transparent communication, and enabling real-time adjustments as the project evolved. The combination of the book map and the project management spreadsheet not only ensured accountability and seamless collaboration but also played a crucial role in surpassing our editorial goals, turning a seemingly insurmountable task into a successful venture.



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