The Problem: 

The University of Tampa has been growing its Art and Design program since its accreditation last year, yet, the department is lacking in terms of its own branding. In order to emphasis the amazing work that our Art and Design students produce and properly advertise our program, a need for unique and eye catching branding has arisen. 

The Solution:

A poster series advertising Art and Design courses at the University of Tampa would be an excellent way to attract new students to our up and coming program. This poster series maintained a unified visual appearance to create cohesion within the new brand of the Art and Design department. Using vibrant yellows and blues, these posters would stand out amongst others when placed around campus and draw attention to those with an sense of artistic appreciation, hopefully encouraging them to take a class within our department or seek out an Art or Design major. 

A sense of overall cohesion and branding was created through establishing an image and typographic style as well as limiting the color palette. Using a photo base with illustrated elements layered over top would represent the Art and Design department as a whole by touching on each of our core majors: Painting, Photography, and Graphic Design. The type faces used were meant to modernize this program as well as to differenciate it from other University of Tampa branding. 


Graphic Design, Branding, Advertising Campaign, Print Design


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