DOC Employee Retention Program Campaign

The Problem:  The integration of an employee retention program package into our existing marketing services involved a multi-faceted approach. The initial challenge was acquiring accurate and relevant information about employees from client companies, with a focus on maintaining confidentiality and privacy. We established a streamlined data collection process to obtain key details such as individual [...]

PB2 Sustainable Packaging

The Problem: Traditional plastic peanut butter containers are difficult to recycle. They need to be cleaned before they can be processed which can deter individuals who don’t want to put in the work. The plastic used for peanut butter container lids is not recyclable at all and only contributes to the waste issue. Glass containers [...]

Norbergfestival Branding

The Problem: Norbergfestival is an experimental music and noise festival held yearly in Sweden at the Norberg mine. The current branding for this festival, however, leaves much to be desired. From its cluttered, impossible to read logotype to its bare-bones website, this festival was in dire need of new branding. The objective here was to [...]

Gevalia Subscription Box

The Problem:  Gevalia is well known coffee brand, but would it be successful as a subcription box brand? With consumers being more and more interested in fast and easy shopping (i.e. Amazon), coffee is a  relatively untapped market in terms of subscription services. I wanted to create the packaging for a potential subscription delivery service [...]