The Mark XXII

About The Mark:  Benchmark International's Road Directors, or traveling salespeople, need quality printed marketing materials they can offer to clients during sits. The Mark, our bi-annual publication offers relevant articles on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity while also advertising our company and its services. These expert articles include: industry information, details about the current market [...]

DOC Employee Retention Program Campaign

The Problem:  The integration of an employee retention program package into our existing marketing services involved a multi-faceted approach. The initial challenge was acquiring accurate and relevant information about employees from client companies, with a focus on maintaining confidentiality and privacy. We established a streamlined data collection process to obtain key details such as individual [...]

Design for Social Media

Overview:  Social Media is all about grabbing the user's attention. Building an audience requires a designer or social media marketer to follow trends, post regularly, and diversify their media. Not only this, but a social media expert must be able to analyze and critique their own work with regards to how the intended audience has [...]

#MoneyBurner Campaign

The Problem:  In March 2022, the largest automotive convention in the United States will be held in Las Vegas, NV. With over 22,000 attendees, we couldn't afford to skip out on marketing at this event. The problem: our budget. The NADA convention hosts a variety of attendees from OEMs to General Managers of top selling [...]

Norbergfestival Branding

The Problem: Norbergfestival is an experimental music and noise festival held yearly in Sweden at the Norberg mine. The current branding for this festival, however, leaves much to be desired. From its cluttered, impossible to read logotype to its bare-bones website, this festival was in dire need of new branding. The objective here was to [...]