Design for Social Media

Overview:  Social Media is all about grabbing the user's attention. Building an audience requires a designer or social media marketer to follow trends, post regularly, and diversify their media. Not only this, but a social media expert must be able to analyze and critique their own work with regards to how the intended audience has [...]

Dear Springfield: Capstone

The Problem:  I was challenged to create a capstone installation about my hometown of Springfield, Ohio that would be an immersive experience for any audience. The problem was to create a visual representation of Springfield that could be empathised with and recognizable to everyone no matter where they themselves came from. This project had to [...]

Burnout Zine

The Problem:  How do we as creatives deal with the phenomenon of burnout? This editorial piece set out to answer this question through the technique of storytelling, using a more personal approach. Most editorials focused on the topic of burnout take on a clinical and impersonal tone which makes it difficult to connect with a [...]

International Consortium of Farmworkers

The Problem:  Farmworkers provide for us. They quite literally put the food on our tables every day. Yet, during a global pandemic such as Covid-19, they are one of the most vulnerable essential workers in the United States. These farmworkers, many of which are undoccumented, may not qualify for governemtn assistance, let alone have the [...]